Start Your 4x4 Off-road Adventure

Off-roading is a beloved hobby for people across the world. Overland was built by passionate off-road enthusiasts, and our off-road shop aims to give you all the information you need for safe, fun-filled off-road adventures.

For any visitors new to the off-roading community, we are here to help you get started!

What is Off-roading?

Off-roading is an activity defined as driving on unpaved roads. From open fields and winding riverbeds to rocky mountain trails or sloping sand dunes, off-roaders love venturing into the great expanse of nature. While off-roaders have different goals for their adventures—some enjoy exploring the outdoors to pursue the most beautiful scenery, and others enjoy the technical challenge of driving through varied terrain—we are all brought together by the love of adventure.

What Kind Of Vehicle Do You Need for Off-Roading?

Good off-road vehicles can come in all shapes and sizes but look for these key features to ensure your vehicle can take you where you want to go.

Four-wheel Drive

You frequently see the terms “4x4” or “4-wheel drive (4wd)” when reading about off-road vehicles. These terms mean that all four wheels of the vehicle are powered. This is unlike many road-only vehicles, which have only two powered wheels, while the other two roll along with the vehicle.


The engine is one of the most important off-road vehicle parts. The type of engine in your vehicle determines how it runs and how much power it has to take you on difficult terrain with all your equipment.


The wheels of your vehicle will also help determine where you are able to travel. Off-road vehicle tires may need to be upgraded to ensure enough traction to tackle varying terrain.


You will want to ensure that your off-road 4x4 rig has enough storage space to carry all your off-roading equipment, personal items, and food supplies.

Making Your Vehicle Off-road Ready

Having a great vehicle doesn’t automatically mean that you are fully prepared for an off-road trip. Good preparation is key to an enjoyable off-road experience that isn’t cut short by unexpected challenges. You can make sure that your vehicle is ready for adventure with off-road parts, kits, and equipment. Here are some of the key ways to upgrade your off-road rig.


Bumpers have a variety of uses on off-road vehicles. They add stability and durability to the front and back of your vehicle, protect your lights and engine from potential collisions or debris, and can be used to mount other accessories like additional lights, winches, or hitches.

Side Steps

Off-road rigs can be very large, and getting up to the cab may not be easy for every driver. Add some heavy-duty steps to your truck or jeep to ensure that all your passengers can climb up without a problem.

Roll Bars

While you always hope to keep your rig upright during your off-road adventures, there is a possibility that you may flip on uneven terrain. A roll bar is essential for safety in these circumstances since it keeps you, your passengers, and your belongings safe from contact with the ground.

Roof Racks

For some off-road vehicles, you may want additional storage. This is a great time to invest in a roof rack where you can strap on extra equipment and belongings needed for your trip.

Suspension Kits and Shock Absorbers

Part of ensuring that your vehicle can handle off-road terrain is equipping it to ride over uneven or rocky surfaces without damaging the vehicle or making passengers uncomfortable. Upgrading your vehicle with a suspension kit or shock absorbers allows it to easily traverse any terrain.

Get Everything You Need At Overland

Overland is an off-road equipment distributor that aims to give everyone the freedom to pursue their passion and experience nature first-hand through off-roading. We offer a wide range of off-roading equipment and parts online so that wherever our customers are located, they have access to the high-quality upgrades they need.