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Overland 4x4 Vehicle Accessories

Overland specializes in 4x4 automotive parts and accessories for off-roading. Our range of 4x4 accessories can make any car, truck or SUV ready for off-road adventures with added strength, durability and maneuverability.

Do You Need Accessories For Your 4x4 Off-road Vehicle?

While many 4wd cars have the basic features needed to head off-road, accessories are often necessary to ensure that a vehicle is ready to handle challenging terrain safely. Good preparation is key to an enjoyable off-road experience that isn’t cut short by unexpected challenges. You can ensure that your vehicle is ready for adventure with off-road parts, kits, and equipment.

Types of Overland Off-road Accessories

Our shop provides a variety of 4x4 parts and accessories to meet any of your off-roading needs.


Bumpers are important 4x4 off-road accessories that add stability and durability to the front and back of your vehicle, which are areas most likely to be damaged in case of a collision. The external bars added by an off-road bumper can not only protect and strengthen these areas but protect your lights and engine from debris or be used to affix additional items like lights, hitches, or winches. Overland offers lighter and heavier bumper options to suit your needs.

Overland Front Bumpers

  • Rocky Sahara Front Bumper
  • Rocky Plus Front Bumper
  • Explorer Front Bumper
  • New Rocky Front Bumper

Overland Rear Bumpers

  • Next Trail K2 Series Rear Bumper
  • Andez Rear Bumper
  • Explorer Rear Bumper
  • New Rocky Rear Bumper

Side Steps

Not all off-road vehicles will need side steps, but if you have a particularly tall off-road rig, such as a truck or a jeep, this is one of the most helpful accessories. Side steps ensure that you and your passengers can easily get in and out of your vehicle.

Overland Side Steps

  • Atlas Side Steps
  • Andez Side Steps
  • Geoland Side Steps
  • Explorer Side Steps

Roll Bars

Since off-road vehicles frequently tackle rocky or uneven terrain, there is always a possibility that you may roll your vehicle. In these circumstances, a roll bar is an essential accessory to have on your vehicle to ensure that you, your passengers, and your belongings stay safe until you can right your rig again.

Overland Roll Bars

  • Atlas Roll Bar
  • New Atlas Roll Bar
  • Explorer Roll Bar

Roof Racks

For some off-road rigs, your vehicle's interior may not be large enough to store all of your equipment and belongings for an extended trip. A roof rack allows you to secure items to the top of your vehicle, providing extra storage space.

Overland Roof Racks

  • New Atlas Short Roof Rack
  • Elegance Roof Rack
  • Explorer Short Roof Rack

Skid Plate

When driving over uneven terrain, there is a chance that rocks or branches could damage the underside of your vehicle. Since your vehicle's undercarriage houses elements of your fuel tank, differentials, and transfer box, it is important to protect it when you drive off-road. A skid plate is a heavy-duty 4wd accessory made of durable metal that you can add to your rig for protection from uneven ground elements.

Overland Skid Plate

  • Atlas Skid Plate

Suspension Kits and Shock Absorbers

Some vehicles may also need 4x4 accessories to improve their off-road riding and handling performance. Suspension kits and shock absorbers can help with this and ensure that your rig can easily drive over any terrain without causing undue stress to your vehicle or your passengers.

Overland Suspension Kits

  • 2” Lift Kits
  • The Suspension Lift Kit 4-10”
  • Upper Control Arm
  • Lift Kit Box 2”

Overland Shock Absorbers

  • Shock Up Raccoon Jump MAS
  • Shock Up Overland Racoon Jump Plus

Why Choose Overland’s Car and Truck Accessories?

Overland manufactures all of its 4x4 car parts and accessories to be of excellent quality and reasonably priced. We rely on globally recognized artisans who design our products based on their own experiences and passion for off-roading.

Because of this, our products feature beautiful aesthetics without compromising functionality. All Overland’s truck and car accessories are designed to provide durability, strength, and reliability to any off-roading rig and are produced using the best materials and expert manufacturing processes.

Our online store makes it easy to purchase 4x4 accessories from anywhere in the world. Take a look at all of our 4x4 accessories for sale today to make your rig adventure-ready.