Ford Ranger


All new rear bumper, Andez series from OVERLAND. Another precious product that was created and developed by R&D Overland team.

Rear bumper Andez series originate from the intention to develop our products to response more to the needs of those off road emphasized on dragging with the wider approach angle, not scratch the road surface during climbing or dropping in the hole.

Moreover, the strong rear bumper with light weight, easy to install without the body adjusting and it’s very reasonable price. This is the master piece from the advanced engineering and technological calculation. The rear bumper, Andez series has the sharp beauty design, different from all old rules which is quite unique and still remain as the leader design of OVERLAND as always.

Rear bumper, Andez series from OVERLAND has Ball Hitch (the ball head with the dragging pole) come together in the set, you do not have to buy it in addition. It is also value added with the brass logo and the Serial Number Plate that clearly defined that you have owned the authentic product from OVERLAND. You can feel more confident on the quality products and after sales service.

Dimension 185x68x35 Cm. / Weight 43 kg.

Price : 13,600 baht

Available for


  • Colorado 2012-2019


  • Ranger 2012-2021


  • D-max 2012-2019


  • BT50 Pro 2012-2021


  • Triton 2006-2018


  • Navara NP300 2015-2021


  • Vigo 2005-2014

  • Revo 2015-2021

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