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Over 10 years that we have been around the automotive accessories industry. Experiences of being an "OEM" (Original Equipment Manufacturer) contribute to our expertise in materials and manufacturing process. Now, we have repositioned ourselves to be an "OBM" (Original Brand Management) with an emphasis on designing beautiful yet durable products.

Products under the brand OVERLAND are intended to be the leader of automotive accessories industry with excellent quality and reasonable price. Our products are delicately produced by Thai artisans who are world widely recognized.

Maximizing customers' benefits with a fair price is the ultimate desire of OVERLAND GRAND CO., LTD.

Meaning of OVERLAND Logo

The word “OVERLAND” implies to the reflection of limitless image of voyages. The mountains represent solidity, challenge, grandeur, and the peak of voyages. Therefore, all product names are related to mountains, ranges, and travels in order to emphasize superiority of the usability. We are determined to develop products under the promise to deliver continuously enhanced products in terms of practicality, durability, uniqueness, and aesthetic.

Manufacturing Innovation and Product Development

OVERLAND products are manufactured under ISO 9001 standard with modern machines and controlled by engineers in every process. We are willful to develop innovative products suitable with daily-life usage and outstandingly aesthetic. Besides, we do not ignore safety and durability, so every day, we work hard to ensure that we deliver high-quality products to our customers.


Why is It the Best to Choose OVERLAND Products?

OVERLAND Products are meant to have distinguished and fashionable appearance, as well as practicality. They are the products delicately designed by the real travelers who know and understand needs and wants of the travelers. This is the value under the brass badges and the unique stencil work of OVERLAND.

Available Products

Front Bumpers, Rear Bumpers, Side Steps, Roll Bars, Roof Racks, Shock Absorbers, Off-road Styled Products, Performance and Safety enhancing Equipment.