OVERLAND Spirit of The Land

OVERLAND Spirit of The Land


We are travelers that living in a passionate of freedom life, nature, arts and volunteer activities, we opt for "mountain" to be our brand’s logo which means a symbol of great accomplishment to be the goal for all human being are desire to go up to be on the peak of success and happiness. "Just because of every human being is a traveler", so come join journey with us, OVERLAND 4x4TEAM.

OVERLAND Spirit of The Land

Overland Products Research & Development

We are product developer for the upgrade and refurbishment of 4x4 vehicles, also including product upgrades for the suspension. Other than that, we also have products for customers who appreciate life style of “Adventure and travel style” as well.

Every products from Overland, we produced and developed from our real experiences on all types of roads.

So we focus on the importance of quality, product design and value for money of the customer as the key. Our products are developed by a team of professional designer ethnic diversity. Both Thai, European and American to produce a unique Overland’s products and at the same time, it’s also a high quality. Our production base in the country, Thailand which world’s markets have accepted in the skilled of craftsmen, spatial skills for long time.

The main goal of Overland’s branding is to sells high-quality goods internationally and to be accepted in the worldwide markets in the same time.

Plus, part of our revenue, we also participate in youth volunteerism and environmental conservation. Overland, which currently has dealers in more than 15 countries worldwide. we were extended in accordance with the roadmap of the 50 countries, currently process is in negotiations with distributors around the world.

At Overland "happiness, friendship, business is about the same."